My Synopsis

Hi, my name is Daniel and Zombie Ferox is my second feature film. This is my first post for the official film web site. I have not cast the film yet and I am still looking for my locations. The film will be shot in Southern California. My influences are John Carpenter, George Romero, Sergio Leone, Jean-Pierre Melville, Sergio Corbucci, George Stevens, Akira Kurosawa and Lucio Fulci. I also really dig Don Siegel, Sam Peckinpah and Roger Corman. I wrote a brief synopsis which you can read below.


Zombie Ferox is about a group of ex-soldiers trying to survive in a world taken over by the living dead. They spend their days fighting the dead while looking for food in abandoned cities and towns. As the soldiers try to stay alive they must confront something more dangerous than the zombies: other survivors.


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