Trying To Find Locations I Can Afford

I’ve continued to try to find locations that I can afford. I’ve found a state owned youth correctional facility that has been shut down. It’s like a little town. It has a prison, a hospital, a residence area for the warden and his staff. It would be a great place to film. I have an appointment to go there and see it in person. I’ll post pictures and video of what I find there.

Because this property is owned by the state of California there is no location fee and there is no permit fee; however, you still need 1 million dollars in general liability insurance to film there. My film has no budget so that is just not possible. I’m still going to keep my location scouting appointment and check the place out, but I really can’t afford to film there. Or anywhere else.

I am going to have to rewrite my script according to where I can actually film and right now I have no idea where that is. Most films about the living dead, and most low budget horror films, usually take place in a house that is under siege. I don’t want to do that because its been done to death and filmmakers much more talented than me have already done a great job with the one location premise.  So whatever I actually end up filming will show the actors/protagonists fighting the living dead out in the open and at more than ONE location.


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