I met Lloyd Kaufman

Last Wednesday, at Borders in Hollywood, Lloyd Kaufman did a book signing for his new book “Direct Your Own Damn Movie!” I’ve read and re-read his other two books many many times, “All I Need To Know About FILMMAKING I Learned From The Toxic Avenger” and “Make Your Own Damn Movie!”

After Kaufman signed my books he made me promise to write a review on Amazon, which I did. I’ve included my Amazon review below along with pics of my autographed books.

My Amazon book review for “Direct Your Own Damn Movie!” –

I just met Lloyd Kaufman tonight at a book signing at Borders in Los Angeles. After signing my copy of ‘Direct Your Own Damn Movie!’ he pleaded with me to go on Amazon and give it a good review. I’ve skimmed it on the way home and I can honestly say that this book is another great asset for the independent filmmaker just like his first two books were, which I have actually read. I have started directing a horror movie of my own, without a film crew or a budget, and I’ve found his other book “Make Your Own Damn Movie” very helpful so I know I’ll get a lot out of this one too.

The reason Lloyd Kaufman’s advice on filmmaking is such a great resource is that Lloyd is the genuine article. He is a real independent filmmaker that has experienced success and failure, but most importantly he is also a great human being. One book of his that has helped me get through the dark times is his memoir “Everything I Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger.” That book is more personal, documenting Lloyd’s struggle to become a filmmaker, its not a How-To book but it is great.

Lloyd, YOU are one of the great filmmakers. Troma films are amazing films.

thanks for the inspiration, the book from you I’m really waiting for is the one on how to do your own special effects. My horror film has a lot of gore and I have no experience with make up, so I’m working with a special effects make up artist I can barely pay, so it would be nice to know how to do it myself.




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