This Project Is Dead

Okay folks, this is officially over. I detail the reasons why below:

In 2008 I began work on what was intended to be a feature length horror film. This was my second attempt at making a feature length film. In 2003 I made my first feature, which was financed with money from family, and never screened anywhere. My first film and the lack of response was a major disappointment. I began learning about distribution and marketing using the internet. I tried to implement what I learned by making Zombie Ferox. That is the title of the horror film I wanted to make. The storyline was inspired by The Naked Prey starring Cornel Wilde, the last man on earth tries to survive on foot in a zombie infested wasteland. I did not have the funds to shoot the film all at once. Also, after the experience of my first movie, it didn’t seem wise to invest a lot of money in a film that did not have a distributor. I decided to make the film in a piece meal fashion. Not being able to afford a permit to shoot in my hometown,Los Angeles, and after almost getting arrested trying to film anyway, I found an affordable filming location in Nevada. I found local actors in Nevada and brought makeup artists from Los Angeles out to the desert to film. I shot the first 10 minutes of the movie, edited it together, and was very happy with the finished result. I should let you know that the makeup artists were the only paid crew I had, the actors worked for free, the location was cheap, and I still ended up spending around $8,000. I spent $5,000 of my savings and put $3,000 on my credit card. The cost of the makeup artists, special effects, and insurance was still very high. I also filmed outdoors in the Nevada summer, when the heat was about 115 degrees, so I had to pay for misters to keep the actors and crew cool. By the time I had shot that first part of the film in July of 2011, I had already been working on the film for three years. At the time of this writing, the video I uploaded to the Zombie Ferox youtube channel has only had 344 views. In the years leading up to filming, I tried networking online with the horror community without looking like a shill. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and still no audience. No one is paying attention. So, due to the cost of filming and the less than enthusiastic response, I am moving on. I am going to make another film. A film that will be completed. Right now, I just have some sketchy ideas about what I want to do. But one thing I can tell you, is that I will film on the streets of Los Angeles and there will be no special effects makeup.

My new website is

I’ve created a new youtube channel and uploaded Zombie Ferox, which you can watch below.


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