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Decapitation! The Living Dead! No After Effects! See Zombie Ferox!

I am happy with how this turned out. I am writing new scenes to continue where this left off.


Zombie Ferox test scene

This scene began as the first part of the film. Due to a lot of unforeseen mishaps and the overall badness of the footage, this “first part” of the film is scrapped. My original post when I finished editing, and uploaded the scene, is below:

There were some mistakes made that I will avoid when I shoot more scenes for the film. First, the make up artist I worked with is a talented and very nice guy, but I found out on the day of the shoot that we were not on the same page. We discussed having make up that was an homage to Italian horror from the 1970’s. I was thinking more Lucio Fulci, but he had in mind films like Burial Ground. So my Zombies have these very cheap looking masks that are not scary, and might make you laugh, kind of like the ghouls in Burial Ground. I didn’t want the film to be a joke. You might be thinking, why didn’t I put my foot down on the day of the shoot and ask him to do something different? Well, that’s because the make up artist had a conflict and sent two students in his place, who were there to follow his directions. The two students didn’t seem experienced enough to improvise and come up with completely different zombie make up on the spot with no notice. So I bit the bullet and plowed ahead. Not matter how experienced the people you’re working with are, don’t assume they know what you want or you’ll get burned. Instead of showing a gruesome zombie feast like in a Fulci film, I had to cut REAL fast so you couldn’t get too close a look at the horrible masks.

I didn’t use squibs or hoses for blood in the film. I super imposed blood bursts over the image. I believe they were eggs filled with blood, and blown up with a charge against a white background. It doesn’t look as good as a hose, or squib, shooting out blood. It looks really fake, so from now on I will use hoses shooting out blood. Expect more gore in future scenes.